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Hello brave new world!

Our very ancient, but most dearest, “Quinta da Porta” is becoming more and more open to the world. The latest step was to open up a webstore. Of course, we designed it in Portuguese. But, since we have a lot of visitors from elsewhere we had to find a way to make it readable for non-Portuguese speakers.

This is how it works:

Loja english 1

When accessing the webstore, please look for the little world miniature in the right upper corner of the page (there is an example on the right hand picture). That’s where you have to click in order to get our webstore in English. (not proper English, but something resembling the English language…)

The miracle is powered by an automated version of Google translator. Though far from perfect (it keeps translating “Quinta da Porta” as “Fifth Gate”…), it allows you to go through the webstore and get the general picture. Here is the link to the webstore:   http://quintadaporta.shopk.it    In any event, should you wish to know more about us, or our handmade Olive Oil Soaps, please send us an email to quintadaporta@gmail.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!…

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